The most obvious benefit of life in the Lake Arrowhead community comes from the lakes themselves. Their existence affords us the pleasure of spending a full twelve months of the year in an atmosphere many people find only while on vacation. When considering property and resale valuations, the lakes become a valuable asset for every Lake Arrowhead homeowner.

Including the small pond just south of Route 46, the Lake Arrowhead Club owns and controls four bodies of water totaling almost 34 acres. However, the three major lakes, Lake Arrowhead itself, the Great Bay, and the picturesque Bay of Deep Waters, account for most of the recreational activities.

The fishing in our lakes is excellent. Our fish production includes muskellunge, large mouth bass, calico bass, pickerel and perch. In the interest of maintaining these populations, our anglers take great care in using proper catch and release methods.

In order to maintain a favorable balance between the needs of aquatic life and recreational use, the lakes are chemically treated during the summer months as deemed appropriate and necessary.

Two dams, on Lake Arrowhead and the Great Bay, maintain the water level in these lakes after the normal flow from the Bay of Deep Waters stops in the spring. These dams are lowered from time to time in the fall to allow homeowners to repair docks and retaining walls, and to help control weed growth. Natural springs on the lake bottom assist in keeping water levels high.

Maintenance of the lakes is an item of considerable expense to the Club and it is only fair that utilization of the lakes, docks and waterfront for all purposes and at all times of the year, be restricted to Easement and Club Members, in good standing, of Lake Arrowhead Club and their guests.

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