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The Board of Trustees of Lake Arrowhead Club is an elected body of resident members which manages and governs our Club. The Board consists of eleven members, elected at an annual meeting to serve terms varying from one to three years. All Board members serve without pay or other remuneration.

The monthly Board of Trustees meetings are held the third Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm in the Clubhouse and are open to all members. Notice will be given via email if public votes are scheduled. There will be a community comment section at every meeting, usually toward the end of the evening. All meetings are open to the public but executive session portions, held at the very end of the night, are closed so that the board can discuss sensitive legal matters. An agenda for each meeting will be attached to the email announcing the meeting.

The Board of Trustees has the authority to formulate and enforce rules and regulations governing use of all Club properties, such as lakes, dams, approaches, the field and beach for the benefit of its members. Any committees needed to attain the goals of the Club are appointed by the Board and chaired by Board members. The Board of Trustees also cooperates with the local governments, acting in the interest of our Club members.

The elected members of the Board of Trustees have volunteered their time and knowledge to the Lake Arrowhead community. Please feel free to contact them with your questions, comments and suggestions.
To contact any member, please refer to the Lake Arrowhead Resident Directory for their phone number.
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President Seth Johnson 
Vice President   
Recording Secretary Grace Chun 
Treasurer Sheila Mansfield 
Bar Chair Seth Johnson 
Beach Chair Jeff Eades 
Clubhouse Chair Chris Karcher 
Docks Chair Joe Sarnoski 
Docks Chair 2 Bill Transue 
Easement Chair Grace Chun 
Grounds Chair Michael Bertram 
Lakes Chair Sheila Mansfield 
Lakes Chair 2 Joe Sarnoski 
Membership Chair Seth Johnson 
Membership Chair 2 Sheila Mansfield 
Recreation Chair Brianne Marshall 
Rentals/Special Projects Chair DeAnn Schofield 
Showing 17 items