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Beach Rules



LIFEGUARD is in control of the beach at all times
and has the authority to enforce the rules.


PARENTS shall assume full responsibility for the supervision of their children.


Beach Hours: 1-5:30 pm Su-F / 12:30-6 Saturday



¨    Lifeguards are allowed, at any time, to ask individuals to demonstrate competent swimming by having them swim the full distance (back and forth) of the swim lane without holding onto the ropes followed by treading water for 2 minutes.

¨    Children aged 10 and under must take the swim test. The lifeguard on duty will administer the test and ask the parent to sign the log.

¨    An adult, for swim rule purposes, is anyone 16 and over.

¨    An adult must accompany any swimmer under the age of 16 to the beach.

¨    Children aged 14-15 may use the beach, but not swim, without an accompanying adult (for this purpose, those 16 or over).

¨     To utilize the floating dock and swim lane area, one must be a competent swimmer. Children who have NOT passed the swim test may swim outside of the shallow roped area if accompanied by an adult.

¨    No rough housing or fighting.

¨    No swimming under any of the docks.

¨    No swimming during an electrical storm.

¨    Do not enter the water if you are experiencing or recovering from diarrhea or stomach virus.

¨    Children who are not potty trained must use swim diapers. Please do not change children’s diapers on picnic tables.

¨    No diving from the floating dock.

¨    Swim lanes are closed when the lifeguard is on duty.


¨    Please cooperate with lifeguards at all times. The Lifeguards may ask to see your beach tags to verify the privileges of all beach goers

¨    Members must accompany their guests at the beach.

¨    Glass containers are not permitted on the beach, docks or adjacent walkways.

¨    Dispose of all trash items into trash cans – (soda cans, juice `boxes, bags from snacks, ice cream wrappers, etc.)

¨    Please return beach chairs, boogie boards/noodles, and sand toys to the storage bins when you are done using them.

¨    Please fill in holes dug in the sand prior to leaving the beach.

¨    Any person with open sores shall be denied admission.

¨    No bicycles on the beach (please use bike racks provided at entrance to the beach).

¨    No animals are allowed in the swimming area during regular beach hours.

¨    Conduct that endangers the safety and comfort of others shall be prohibited.

¨    Persons suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol shall be prohibited from entering the water, and may be asked to leave the premises.

¨    Members should be dry and free of sand prior to entering the Clubhouse.

¨    Violating the rules can result in suspension from the beach. Suspension is at the Lifeguard’s discretion.


Mal Janal and Jeff Eades – LAC Beach Chairs