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Annual End of Year Ice Cream and Tie Dye Party - June 19th

posted May 21, 2014, 12:37 PM by Lake Arrowhead

Please join our neighbors on the beach for the last day of school ice cream bash!

Come celebrate the end of school and the beginning of SUMMER!!

Please bring:

a topping ……… (crushed cookies/gummies/fruit/syrups/M&Ms/candy pieces /etc…..)

a Snack to share…..

a Cotton item to tie/Dye…….(pillow case/shirt/shorts/socks/ Bandanna/ etc….)

                  (gloves if you don’t want tie dyed fingers)


                  We will NOT have shirts available to tie-dye: MUST BRING YOUR OWN


The Lake Arrowhead Auxiliary will supply the

BEACH/ice cream/whipped cream/sprinkles/ & Dye…. No extra for the smiles.

All Lake Arrowhead families are free

  Guests are $5 at the door

Please RSVP by 6/16 to

Lisa Curran:  /973 586-0489 or

Jennifer Williams: